The Shackles is the name given to the area surrounding Port Blacksand on the tip of the southern peninsula (named the Blacksand Spike) of the country of Salamon.

The Blacksand Spike ends in a splintered archipelago of tropical islands covered in beautiful sandy beaches, lush green jungles and crawling with filthy pirate towns.

Map of The Shackles

Little is known about the early history of the region. At one time it was part of the now-lost kingdom of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa. There are many ruins of this ancient civilization dotted around the tropical coastline and lost within the deep green jungles. Some of these ruins are easily identifiable as Aaqan- built with the traditional green stone and carved with symbols of Hextor, these ruins largely resemble vaults and burial tombs. There are some ruins however which have been left behind covered in disturbing carvings depicting cannibalism and blood sacrifice. These ruins intrigue scholars to this day who believe that they are newer than the Aaqan constructions as they generally represent temples, shrines and sacrificial pits- not something that the Wind Dukes were known for.

When the region was discovered by Capitavirate explorers from Kondar in 2416 they declared it to be cursed, and moved on to establish colonies further north at Salamonis and Shae instead.

Isles of the Shackles

There are hundreds of islands, atolls, coral reefs and rocks in the archipelago of the Shackles. Below is a gazetteer of some of the largest and most important:

(Jeopardy Bay)
Motaku Isle
Shark Island
Devil’s Arches
Tempest Cay
Bag Island
Besmara’s Throne
Dagon’s Palp
Bonewrack Isle
Mgange Cove
Windward Isle
Mancatcher Cove

(Draconic Coast)


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