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Welcome the main wiki page for the Skull and Shackles Campaign!

This page is used for information relating to the campaign and the campaign world, Orithia.

Skull and Shackles Adventure Path

Information relating to the characters, creatures, locations and cultures encountered during the Skull and Shackles Adventure Path will appear here.

Campaign Background Cast of Characters Ships New Rules The Shackles
Ranks and Roles Rules and information about the various positions aboard a ship
Crew Rules Rules about the ship’s crew, directing them in combat and advancing them
Infamy and Disrepute As your legend grows, so does your power and influence
Ta’veren in Orithia Some are destined for great things
Naval Combat Rules for ship-to-ship engagements, boarding actions and fleet battles
Rumours Tid-bits and clues picked up from taverns across the Shackles
Personal Objectives What drives a man to commit piracy?
Ship Building How to construct and upgrade your vessel
Pirate Familiars New familiars and animal companions appropriate for the high seas
Injuries If you get hit in battle, better hope the Doc is nearby
Pirate Slang How to converse like a Shackles native
Ship Actions A Swab’s day is full of hard toil, but even so, they always find time to slack off


For more detailed information about Orithia- the setting for Skull and Shackles, check out my other campaign- “Salamonis Chronicles” and feel free to browse around the wiki pages.

The World
Time and Date

Character Pieces

Captain’s Log of the Magnificent Bastard
Quartermaster’s Log

The Last Pilgrim of Karubaq
Passing of an honourable solider (Titus Stern)
Memoirs of Mameha Eikou
The Rambling Tales of Jasper the Still
The Secret Diary of Gian Tanesini

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