Campaign Background

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The Free Captains of The Shackles have long been a thorn in the sides of the nations of Orithia, and none have chafed under their predations as much as the Capitavirate. Unfortunately, removing the threat of the pirates by invasion is made almost impossible by the howling winds and treacherous currents of the Eye of Aaqa, the permanent hurricane that rages just north of the Shackles’ unofficial Captial, Port Blacksand.


Since the Salamon revolution and the overthrow of Capitavirate control, the Generals of the Capitavirate have had their greedy eyes on retaking the area. What they didn’t expect however, was that the pirates of the Shackles would form a truce with the nation of Salamon. The pirates don’t attack ships flying the colours of Salamon and help to defend the nation when under threat and in return Salamon agrees to leave Port Blacksand (a city technically within Salamon borders) under the rule of the pirates.

The Hurricane King of the Shackles is elected by the Pirate Council and is officially recognised as the ‘Mayor’ of Port Blacksand by the Salamon government.

Since this uneasy alliance was brokered, the Capitavirate have been keen to end the Shackles confederacy once and for all, thereby removing a major part of Salamon’s naval defences.

Meanwhile the Wormwood sets sail from Port Blacksand with a few new additions to her crew….

Sn s book 1 Part One- The Wormwood Mutiny: The PCs were press ganged from the streets of Port Blacksand by Barnabas Harrigan’s cut throat pirates and taken aboard the Wormwood. They made many friends and enemies during their time there and learned to be pirates in their own right. When the Wormwood captured an Alarisian merchantman known as the Man’s Promise, the PCs were assigned to the ship as a skeleton crew. Under the vicious command of the Wormwood’s First Mate Mister Plugg and his snivelling Boatswain Master Scourge, the skeleton crew were charged with delivering the ship to Port Blacksand where it could be sold for scrap.

The ship never made it to Port Blacksand as, during a heavy storm the PCs led a mutiny against Mr Plugg, killing him and taking the Man’s Promise for themselves. Installing Edward and Mameha as the two Captains, the PCs managed to repair the damage caused to the ship by the storm using materials from the nearby Bonewrack Isle and rescued two of their crew who were captured by a nearby tribe of evil Grindylows.

Sns book 2 Part Two- Raiders of the Dark Ocean: Now masters of their own ship, the PCs have set out into the dangerous waters of the Dark Ocean and the wild Draconic Coast to make a name for themselves as pirates in their own right. Their first stop was at Rickety’s Squibs where they had the Man’s Promise squibbed and renamed as the Magnificent Bastard. Still weighed down by those of Plugg’s crew who opposed the mutiny, the PCs sailed to Drakeclaw where they turfed out the naysayers and signed a new crew chosen by them. With their list of notorious deeds growing along with their burgeoning infamy, the PCs made their way north towards the Shackles proper. The PCs were still dogged by a mysterious aquatic nemesis which kept leading Sahuagin and remnants of the Grindylows from Bonewrack Isle against them as they sailed north.

Eventually arriving at Mgange Cove after overcoming three ships, the PCs explored the isle of the Juju looking to find a lost airship, the Ikazuchi but they instead found allies. Pirate Lord Femi Ekua and Lady Smythee of Windward Isle enlisted the Bastard to help retake Tidewater Rock which had fallen into the hands of a Capitavirate sympathiser. The PC ‘cracked the rock’ using stealth, guile and cunning earning themselves infamy and the respect of their peers in the area. In return they were rewarded with marriages to Lady Smythee’s children and land on the island, tying Jasper and Edward to the community there and solidifying the alliance. The summer vacation on Windward Isle didn’t last long however as the weddings were crashed by more Sahuagin and finally, their leader was revealed. The raiders were repelled on the beaches of Windward Isle but not without cost- Jasper heroically (stupidly?) gave himself to take out the Thresher and the PCs took Isabella Locke captive. Her ally Dungrin, a former member of the PCs’ own crew escaped however. Locke admitted to being behind the Sahuagin attacks but explained she was acting under the orders of another- one Captain Barnabas Harrigan.

Sns book 3Part Three- Tempest Rising With a ship, a base of operations, new crew and plenty of infamous exploits under their belt the PCs are finally ready to make their way into the Shackles itself and announce themselves as Free Captains. In order to do that, they must face and please the Hurricane King himself. But is the past completely behind them…?

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Campaign Background

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