Silvanus the wise is an ancient silver dragon.

He is an ally of Salamon and its governor, Taiyend d’Tremmellin. He was also once the mentor of the great wizard, Rufus Stormgarde.

Silvanus has been linked to important people around the world including the Archon of Valonia, the King of Ealdim and the High Priest of Menephene.

Silvanus is reportedly an advisor of great respect to the Lizard Kings of Lesshta also.

Silvanus was honoured by the national flag of Salamon ‘The Dragon of Salamon’ (see below) for his help in restoring the nation’s liberty and stewarding it before its first election.

Dragon of salamon

Unfortunately Silvanus hasn’t been seen since the Fall of Valonia- a catastrophic event which destroyed the entire nation. Not much is known about the Fall of Valonia except that important people the world over were involved in it but have since gone missing. This list include Silvanus, Rufus Stormgarde, Lethuir Donorolomov and Halvar Cormarak.


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