Dragon of salamon

Salamonis is the capital of the nation of Salamon and the seat of its Governor.

City Statistics

Base Value:128,00gpPurchase Limit:750,000gpSpellcasting:10th
    Qualities:Academic, Holy Site, Prosperous, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction


Population: 18,110
Races: 68% human, 10% dashan, 9% halfling, 5% dwarf, 3% gnome, 2% elf, 1% half-orc, 1% half-elf, 1% other races
Power Centres: Cathedral of the Great Wheel (NG religious), Capitavirate (LE religious, foreign influence), Governor Taiyend d’Tremmellin (CG, standard, elected government), Gangs (avg CN, underground movements), Guilds/Banks (avg N standard, trade/profession unions), House of Nobles (LN standard ,government lobby), Acilian Bayvacari (CN adventurer/pirate liason), Military (LN standard, army generals)
GP limit: 20,000
Religion: The Great Wheel, The Anemoi, Besmara, Heironeous, many other influences
Imports: Mercenaries, adventurers, art, population, exotic goods
Exports: Adventurers, Ships, fish, fruits, wood, magical goods, gold, firearms, art
National Flag: The Dragon of Salamon
Organisations: Various

Salamonis was founded in 2430 by the Capitavirate. Their aim, as with all their foreign colonies was simply to settle the newly discovered land and generate more wealth and followers for Heironeous. The Capitavirate paid people from The Borderlands to leave their dark, desperate country for somewhere they could make a new life for themselves. People from Dashar who wanted to leave for their own reasons were also offered places aboard the ships and also populated the expedition. They sailed across the perilous Dark Ocean in huge flotillas, many losing their lives during the voyage and set up their new lives in the sunny, fertile land of Salamon. The Capitavirate initially founded three towns, Port Blacksand, Shae and Salamonis. Since that time, around 104 years ago, Salamonis has prospered and has been named the Capitol of the region. Since then, more and more small villages have sprung up around Salamon near natural resources such as forests, rivers, fertile land and even ore seams. These villages continue to grow and prosper, the largest being Apple Hill and Rose Falls.

Salamonis docks

Situated on a series of undulating hills, Salamonis is often likened by distant travellers to a large stony carpet spread across the peaks and valleys. The massive Dwarf-built fortress, sits atop the tallest hill and provides excellent defensive positions for the city watch. The docks of Salamonis were built outside the original city walls, surrounded by slums where most of the Liel population lived. Since the new construction however, the land taken up by the slums has been replaced with proper housing and new walls so the docks are now surrounded on three sides with the sea to the west. Tall watch towers flying the Dragon of Salamon stand guard all along the walls.


    Dead Quarter
    Golden Circuit
    Little Rock


The people of Salamonis are generally friendly and accepting. The plethora of different cultures in the city provides plenty of opportunity to mingle with new ideas and people, and the busy docks ensure that the people are rarely surprised by foreign cultures.

Salamonis is a melting pot of culures, races and relgions although the different districts have distinct distinguishing demeanours. The architecture varies dramatically from traditional Dwarven dwellings to Liel self-built huts to Dashan silver-spired towers to dark Borderland stone buildings with gargoyles and grotesque statues. The areas around ‘the dead quarter’ for instance are heavily influenced by culture from The Borderlands and feature undead motifs and names, dark buildings yet a cheery populace who enjoy plenty of dancing and music. The Halfling sector, ‘little rock’ is based around Yelnihas culture, with wine, grounded boats for houses and everything built too small for a human. While the bohemian Golden Circuit has many tall apartment blocks surrounding the central park with ground-level walls often daubed in colourful artwork or advertisements.


Adventurers and Heroes abound in Salamonis thanks to the Adventurer’s Guild’s success.

As one walks the steep streets of Salamonis, he is bombarded with different cultures, colours, sights and smells. Different goods are sold among market stalls providing visitors a chance to take home a little piece of their favourite culture.

Salamonis has a booming trade made on the docks, as merchants from The Borderlands, Alaris and Rosaia as well as Capitavirate-sanctioned traders from Tir frequent the city with their wares. Merchants on their way to more distant destinations also stop here to re-stock their supplies. The seas around Salamon are abundant with many different species of fish and seafood is a national dish.


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