Dragon of salamon

Power Centres: Cathedral of the Great Wheel (N religious), Capitavirate (LE religious, foreign influence), Governor Taiyend d’Tremmellin (CG, standard, elected government), Gangs (avg CN, underground movements),Guilds (avg N standard, trade/profession unions), House of Nobles (LN standard ,government lobby),Free Captains of the Shackles (avg. CN pirate lords, led by the Hurricane King.
Religion: The Great Wheel, The Anemoi, Heironeous, many other influences
Imports: Mercenaries, adventurers, art, population<
Exports: Ships, fish, fruits, wood, gold, magical goods, firearms, art
National Flag: The Dragon of Salamon
Organisations: Various

The nation of Salamon was founded by the Capitavirate settlers from Kondar in 2416 when flotillas of pioneers fleeing the wastelands of the Borderlands crossed the Dark Ocean looking for a new home. They were blown off course by the massive storm called the Eye of Aaqa and most of the ships were destroyed.

The survivors eventually found the green coastline and settled.

The capital of Salamon is Salamonis. The ruler of Salamon is Governor Taiyend d’Tremmellin. The Governor is an elected position with national votes occuring every 5 years. The democratic system of voting in Salamon was the first to be introduced to Orithia and was pioneered by Governor d’Tremmellin and the great dragon Silvanus the Wise.

The overall climate of Salamon is temperate. The summers are long and hot while the winters are relatively mild thanks once again to the geographical positioning of the mountains and sea. The south begins to blend into the burning desert and so is warmer than the north where the plains are taken over by hills, pine forests and then snowy mountains. Salamonis is central in the nation and so enjoys a balanced climate. The lands surrounding are very fertile and all manner of crops are grown there. The main produces of the farms/villages throughout are fruit, cattle and fish although each town tends to have one or two more specialised exports such as the gold mined at Rose Falls, Salamonis’ gunforges or the glassworks of Shae. These items are produced in a high enough volume to adequately feed the city with enough left over to export around the world.

Salamon is bordered by the Dark Ocean to the west, the Diamondstar Mountains to the east, the Burning Desert to the south and by Dun-E-Dor to the north. These natural barriers protect the land from all but the most determined of threats.

Other major towns and locations within Salamon include:

Salamonis- the nation’s capital.
Shae- the industrial heart of Salamon
Port Blacksand- pirate town run by the Hurricane King
Apple Hill- market town famous for the part it played during the revolutions
Rose Falls- mountainous mining town and border fort
New Scenzan- cliffside fishing harbour
Lake Town- the newest settlement helping to expand Salamon’s borders to the south
Castle Pechwe- fortress overlooking Lake Town run by an adventuring group

Lake Pechwe- the lake at the very south of Salamon, marking the extreme border of the nation
Gloomwood- supposedly haunted woods containing hidden dungeons and treasures


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