Hurricane King

The Hurricane King is the leader of the Free Captains and accordingly effectively the ‘mayor’ of the Shackles. He maintains this position only so long as he retains the confidence of the Pirate Council.

The current Hurricane King is Kerdak Bonefist.

He rules Port Blacksand, largest of the ports of the Shackles, and commands the man-o’-war Filthy Lucre, flagship of the pirate fleet. He owns a magical pistol, which he claims to have used to kill over a hundred people.

His fortress home in Port Blacksand is known as Lucrehold. The Lucrehold is an island off the coast of Port Blacksand. The imposing structure, known as Fort Hazard, stands on the bluffs above the city, overlooking the lighthouse known as Besmara’s Beacon. It is said to contain numerous chambers filled with the Hurricane King’s ill-gotten gains.

Kerdak prefers to spend most of his time at sea, handing over the running of the city to the joint control of Sabas Odabio, Pheiras Jakar and Tsojmin Kreidoros.

Hurricane King

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