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The Capitavirate is officially a merchant and tradesman’ guild based in Kondar City in Kondar, on the continent of Tir. They represent the interests of businessmen in the city and country of Kondar and beyond enuring that the government allows them fair reign over the managing of businesses like prices and taxes.

In reality however the Capitavirate is the power behind the throne of Kondar, the most powerful nation in Orithia since the fall of Valonia. The Capitavirate rose from being a simple guild to being a powerful lobby group to finally having such control over the King of Kondar that he is now practically just a figurehead with no real power. Such is the control of the Capitvirate over Kondar many nations now use Capitavirate and Kondar interchangibly, often refering to the Capitavirate as its own nation. The Capitavirate allied themselves with the Church of Heironeous decades ago and have since become so intertwined with them that the Church and the Capitavirate are almost one institution now.

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Public opinion of the Capitavirate varies wildly depending on where one is from. A Knight of Heironeous for example will reel off lists of genuine good deeds which the Church has done around the world including saving refugees from war-torn nations to destroying evil demons and monsters and donating money to charities. However if you were to speak to a citizen in Salamon or Alaris they would likely spit at the mention of the name Heironeous.

Kondar legions

The Capitavirate founded Salamonis, Port Blacksand and Shae back in 2430 and still remain a presence in the nation. They ran for governance in the recent election with Venerator Hazeltine as their candidate but lost horribly in the polls. Elections aren’t usually their thing, preferring to conquer through overwhelming military force or economic sieges where their immense wealth can be brought to bear and word on the street is that it won’t be long before Kondar launches a full scale invasion of Salamon.

There are several sub-divisions within the labyrinthine organisation that is the Capitavirate. Some of the largest branches are listed below:

The Clergy of Heironeous
The Merchants Magnate
The Wardens
The Dark Knights of Asmodeus
The Whitecloaks
The Kondaran Legions
The Kondaran Navy
The Kondaran Air Force

Many of the leading nobility within the Capitavirate command structure come from a select few extensive noble houses. Some of the most powerful and influential are listed below:

House Troiani
House Entronno
House Mattici
House Manovello
House d’Tremmellin


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