Back Alley Dealings

“Huh. Well that was…Unexpected…” Mameha exclaimed as the man on the ground before her changed from a humble looking shopkeeper into a battle ready soldier.

“I told you! He’s a baddy!” Gian replied.

“Looks like… How did you know?” Mameha asked curiously.

“He looked dodgy, and Taisho didn’t like the look of him either…” Gian said. “But what are we going to do with him?”

I crouched down next to the man and began removing his weapons, just in case he woke up.

“That’s a good idea Kaheed, get his armour too. It looks valuable” Mameha called over as she continued her conversation with Gian. “Well, we can’t just leave him here, what if he wakes up?”

“Hmm.. yeah. We probably have to kill him.” Gian mused.

“I’d really rather not.” Mameha said, scanning for a place to hide the body, her eyes found only the guarded walls and the main road. “It’s not like we have much choice. You should probably do it; you are the one who knocked him out”

“You’re the one who set up the meeting!” Gian replied defensively. “I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you!”

With the weapons and other loose items removed, I began undoing the straps to his armour. It certainly looked like good craftsmanship. I idly thought about how much Titus would want this armour.

“This wasn’t the man I met with! And as Captain, I delegate this duty to you!” Mameha said forcefully, raising her hands to her hips and pouting childishly.

“Oh come on! Why can’t we just leave him tied and gagged?” Gian reasoned.

“He will wake up. And besides, he was going to kill us.”

“I guess, but… Look, we could just put him in one of those barrels, it’ll be fine.”

“He would never fit in one of those!” Mameha said incredulously.

“He totally would!” Gian replied enthusiastically as she wandered over to a barrel. She looked it up and down and made an appraisement of its size. “Hmm maybe he wouldn’t. We could dig a hole for his legs and stick the barrel on top?

Mameha giggled at the thought. “That sounds like a lot of effort, killing him would probably be easier.”

“I was just thinking out loud. Anyway if we left him unconscious in a barrel he would die eventually”

The armour was now fully off so I began securing the man by tying his hands and feet together and wrapping a cloth around his mouth.

“Look we need a decision. If we leave him here he will be found. It’s not that well hidden. We need to move him.” Mameha explained.

“We can’t move him; there are loads of guards about. I don’t want to be caught in the middle of a street with a ….” Gian looked over at the man I was binding “…half naked man who has his hands and feet tied up”

Mameha glanced over as well. “Alright alright. So we have to leave him here. We still have to stop him leading others to us… And by the look of these scrolls he means business.”

“Fine. You kill him!” Gian pouted back.

“No! You!”



“Ok! I’ll do it! But you owe me!” Gian said as she relented.

I stood up after making sure all his knots were tight and secure. I brushed off my hands and collected the man’s equipment into a sack.

Gian bent over the man and covered his mouth and nose with her hands until he stopped breathing.
“There! You happy now?! Can we leave?” Gian said as she stood up.

“Yes. Thank you Gian, I knew I could rely on you” Mameha said as the girls linked arms and made toward the tavern.

“You coming Kaheed?” Mameha called over her shoulder.

I sighed, picked up the sack of weapons and armour, and followed.

Back Alley Dealings

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