Geldur Vendikon



Male Human Wizard 9


The ex-Baron of Windward Isle, Geldur Vendikon usurped the rule of Agasta Smythee by exploiting a legal loophole.

A member of the Capitavirate, Vendikon used his position to import Kondaran troops, particularly a squad of the elite Avocati to Piren’s Bluff, annexing the island in the Capitavirate’s name.

Naturally the Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist was less than pleased at this development and dispatched Pirate Lord Femi Ekua to investigate. The Smythees had come to Ekua’s home port of Ngozu on Mgange Cove to plan with Ekua. While there, the Smythees and Ekua ran into the crew of the Magnificent Bastard who offered to help re-take the island.

The Baron’s rule was cut short after the crew of the bastard snuck into town, killing the Baron and his troops.

Vendikon had several allies in Piren’s Bluff, most notably Shiyara the Asmodean cleric, Almir-his brother and Bumbo, Almir’s son. None have been since the Baron’s death.

The Smythees have since been restored to power, with Ambellina and Edward Van Helgen ruling the island now.

Geldur Vendikon

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