Orithia- Skull & Shackles

Session Twelve

The Journal of Sandara Quinn

Revelations at Drakeclaw

We spent the next few days in Drakeclaw. Most of the crew enjoyed the time relaxing in the sun, but us officers had to get back to work. We followed up the last few sales of our plunder and made sure any final repairs we could make to the ship were done. By night, we worked the taverns and drinking holes of the town, spreading word of our deeds and essentially living off of the excitement inherent in a pirate visit to town.

Kaheed took Titus, Gian, Mameha and Jasper out into the jungle to hunt down the drug smuggler Johann the Knife. By all account they found him as they returned from their excursion sweaty and bruised. But apparently he got away. Kaheed was dejected as he thought this meant the Temple of Bahamut wouldn’t come through on their end of the deal and fix his leg. Turned out they weren’t so bad and the ‘high priest’ they summoned to perform the miracle was none other than a huge silver dragon! Needless to say, Kaheed was overjoyed and spent the rest of our time at Drakeclaw (and a good few weeks after too if memory serves me right) prancing about showing off his abilities. Good for him I guess, but I was more worried about the enemies we were making amongst the Consortium. First we take the Kurstav and now we shut down their drug ring in Drakeclaw. The Consortium were never known for their charity or forgiveness, and sooner or later we’d have to go to Bloodcove

We did manage to pick up a few new crew members at Drakeclaw to replace the few who decided not to sign back on. I can honestly say I felt much happier with Scourge off the ship. Even since the mutiny the bastard had kept his filthy eyes on me and Gian, watching our every moves. It was good to be able to breathe again. Fipps, Bansion, Jape and Dungrin chose not to sign back on either. Word was they found another ship leaving Drakeclaw and decided to throw in their lot with them instead. It didn’t matter, they were hardly important additions to the crew and I never saw any of them again. Well, not all of them.

The new crew were promising though. Athelinda, and Lady Mokislav were interesting additions, both seemed to have a particular mastery of the arcane arts and would provide compelling conversation I was sure. Melanie surprised me too, such an intellect for a little girl. The rest seemed a capable bunch but it took me a while to get to know them. Except for Adamaris that was. That woman is such a little slut, constantly walking around on deck with her tits out. I’m all in favour of a woman having a strong personality and knowing what she wants but she takes it to another level. I’ve never seen Kaheed scared of anything except the sultry approach of that woman.

When we finally left, the crew were in good spirits. Samms revealed (in secret to us girls of course) that Titus had proposed! Everyone was very happy for her, and I started to look at the Kondaran in a whole new light. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all, I just hope he didn’t hurt the poor girl, she was a sweetheart and as innocent as it gets.

Rosie got a shanty going as the sails were filled and we turned the Bastard north. Our heading: Mgange Cove.


It’s early in the morning; the ship is still quiet although I can hear boots on the deck above and the slap of water against the hull. Most of the crew will still be asleep in their bunks. I sigh and look around the armoury, my domain and bastion against the forces of really annoying dickheads, also known as the rest of the crew. I was able to offload a lot of the excess gear we’d collected in Drakeclaw so I finally have some order in here. There are long racks of pikes, crossbows and quivers as well as stands for the armour being repaired at the moment. Along the wall I share with Jasper there are sealed crates of crossbow quarrels as well as our stock of spare javelins and ballista bolts. I have a long shelf above the crates where I keep grease, oils, spare twine and various odds and ends I’ve found useful over the last two months. There is a little twist of metal I…borrowed from the galley, I have no damn idea what it is actually for, but it works just grand for digging splintered stone arrows out of leather armour. Fucking lizardfolk. It’s funny, I originally took the job of Master Gunner simply to get out of swabbing the deck but I’m really warming to it, reminds me of my time in the Legions, even the smell of sweat, metal and grease bring back memories of home. Though I would never tell her I’m quite grateful to Mameha for letting me keep the Kondaran flag we recovered, seeing it hanging here makes me feel…less violently inclined I suppose. I sit down on my favourite crate, bunching my cloak up under me as padding, the dragon hide makes it a lot stiffer than my old cloak but it’s a fair trade for the extra protection. Putting my feet up I light my first pipe of the day and wait for someone to sound the bell for first watch…

The air around my head is full of floating pipe smoke and I am dozing slightly when I hear Samm’s breathing change, she’s buried in the pile of blankets that I sleep in and must finally be waking up. I thought youngsters were full of energy but she always wakes late…then again she was up late last night telling me all about her plans for the wedding. Innocent drivel for the most part but I indulged her with a few comments of my own. A shame we can’t have a traditional Kondaran wedding under a priest of Hieronymus but I guess they are all devil worshipping cunts now. Like I say; a shame. I didn’t realise how excited she’d be about this but I’m pretty much committed now, I’m almost embarrassed about my stray thoughts regarding Gian but that’s well and done with now. I think I have her true measure and god help Cog if he ever crosses her, there is far more to that girl that she lets on. I am leaning back with my eyes closed, enjoying the buzz of my pipe but I can still clearly hear Samms walking across the room, her feet obviously bare on the decking. I wait until she is leaning right in to kiss me before I blow a cloud of pipe smoke in her face.

“Damn!” she coughs, “I were sure you were asleep tha’ time! I’ll sneak up on yer one day!”
I open my eyes and smile at her, “Not today though,” I look her up and down, enjoying the view since she is only wearing a shirt and not a long one at that, “even if you are dressed for stealth.”
She giggles, “There’ll be plenny o’ time for tha’ when we’s wed!” She looks around for her britches and keeps talking as she gets dressed. “How come you allays wear your armour? No’ like we’s gonna get attacked alla time! It mus’ ge’ hot and i’ looks ‘eavy.”

Truth be told, I don’t even notice the weight anymore, in fact not wearing twenty pounds of chainmail makes me feel naked and uncomfortably vulnerable. “It’s not that heavy to me really, besides, I would rather be ready in case we are attacked. Remember the Sahaugin attack on the Bastard a few weeks ago? I was the only one properly armed.”
She looks a little scared, but it passes quickly. “Well then I’s glad you wear it alla time! I feel safe when you’s aroun’! I just worry you’s gonna pass out in de’ sun or summink…”
I put my pipe down and walk over to give her a hug, “Don’t worry little bird; it’ll take a damn sight more than sunshine to slow me down! Remember I served in the Legions and Kondar is a lot hotter than here!”
“Tha’s true! I suppose you must be very tough then…very…strong…” I can feel her pushing against my chest as she tilts her head up for a deep kiss. We’re only just getting started on that when the side door slams open and Jasper barges in, with Rosie in tow.

“Now we’re gonna see how Titus runs his part of our stores and compare with how…oh.” He at least has the good manners to look slightly embarrassed. Rosie has a massive grin on her face as I glower at them both. “Sorry…was just showing Rosie how we do things, teaching her the ropes as were.”
“Is bloody alrigh’ boss, I fuckin’ know ‘ow to do tha’ part already!” Rosie chimes in.

Just as I’m about to lose it the armoury door opens and Moussa, Owlbox and that new Ealish fellow wander in. Moussa takes one look at us all standing there, “What’s goin’ on here?” he asks with a leer.
“Y’see when a man loves a girl ver’ much he pays her a shitload o’ gold and she…”
“Rosie! You ain’t helping!” Jasper interrupts wherever she was going with that even as he starts grinning.

This is getting out of hand and I see red. I whip out my pistol and wave it at the room. “First prick who laughs is getting shot in the face! Everyone get the hell out of my armoury!” I thunder.

They all leave pretty quickly though I can hear laughter echoing along the hold as they wait outside. I turn to go crack some skulls when Samms grabs my arm, “Leave them, it is pretty funny.” She gives me a quick peck and skips off to start her day’s duties; “We can pick up where we left off tonight!” she calls back as she leaves.
I take a deep breath, though I don’t holster my pistol, and bellow out the open door.

“Moussa! Get the new guys assembled on deck for close-quarters drills. I have a pressing need to beat something unconscious!”

Session Twelve

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