Orithia- Skull & Shackles


Downtime after the Weddings

Something has stirred within the crew of the Magnificent Bastard. Where once the four of you were gifted individuals with a promising future, it now seems as if there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Everyone you speak to treats you differently as if there were an aura of confidence and achievement surrounding you. In actual fact there is an aura, although only Gian can see it and she may not mention it to any of you.

You are all ta’veren- mortals with strong ties to destiny and the future. This has manifested in the emergence of mythic power which continues to grow along with your list of piratical deeds and your fame. Maybe Besmara herself has taken an interest as Sandara continues to claim? If so, what could the Sea Bitch want with pirates such as yourselves?

The fate of Windward Isle

After the death of Jasper, Lady Smythee’s reign over Windward Isle becomes just as precarious as before. Thankful for the role the PCs have played in helping her re-take her home and unwilling to risk the lives of any other husbands, she gracefully abdicates the rule of Windward Isle and Tidewater Rock.

By stepping down, her daughter Lady Ambellina Van Helgen and her new husband Edward Van Helgen inherit the position. By marrying, they satisfy both Shackles and Kondaran law for such inheritance, securing their hold over the island. Pirate Lord Femi Ekua presides over the handover and signs her approval.

Crew Composition

In response to the move, Edward Van Helgen also announces he is stepping down as Captain-at-arms of the Magnificent Bastard, leaving the captaincy purely in the hands of Mameha Eikou.

Mamhea has named Gian Tanesini as her First Mate and promoted Rosie Cusswell to Quartermaster in Jasper‘s absence. Taisho-Sei is serving as the ship’s Chaplain and spiritual advisor.

Isabella Locke and the surviving members of the Thresher have joined the crew. Making a deal with Captain Eikou involving the exchange of bonding tattoos, Isabella and Mameha have made a temporary peace. Isabella claims to have been coerced into attacking you by none other than Barnabas Harrigan, your old nemesis. She wants revenge against him and the Sahuagin upstart known as Krelloort who killed her adopted father and took over her tribe of Sahuagin.

Titus has also recruited a handful of new crewmembers who seem oddly loyal to him. The men known as ‘Stern Guards’ are ex-members of Piren’s Bluff’s militia who served under Titus during his brief command there.

Baron Vendikon’s Traitors

The Asmodeus priest, Shiyara along with Bumbo (the Baron’s handicapped nephew) have gone missing. Evidence points to a stolen fishing boat and a favourable easterly wind taking the duo towards the mainland.

Dungrin was present at the battle at the Weddings but managed to escape alive.

Rhasper Vencano and his family were caught boarding a ship for Devil’s Arches but after questioning, Edward was satisfied they had nothing to do with the others and were let on their way, leaving only a lawyer to conduct the sale of their tavern (see below). Mameha later discovered that the family had booked passage to Hell Harbour on Devil’s Arches where they have family at the so called ‘Theatre of Corruption’.

Argith the alchemist who aided Baron Vendikon’s takeover of Windward Isle was hanged for treason, the event officiated by Lord Van Helgen and Pirate Lord Femi Ekua of Mgange Cove. Mameha managed to wrest some information from the man before he died however; the location of Chimera Cove and a secret that few others know- ‘Bumbo’ the late Baron’s backwards nephew was in fact an actor and spy from Oreth known as Dinder.

Almir Vendikon (the late Baron’s brother) has made a truce with the Smythees after decades of feuding. He has agreed to pay for the large weapon order placed by his brother at Janderfut’s Blacksmith and donate the equipment to the town’s militia.

The aftermath of the coup

After the battles in Piren’s Bluff, a number of properties have suddenly become owner-less. The following buildings and businesses are available to purchase:

Argith’s Alchemy Shoppe (1940gp)
A two-storey building comprising a well-stocked alchemist’s lab on the bottom floor with a small flat above for the owner to stay in.

House (3 available, 1180 gp each)
A typical house in Piren’s Bluff, large enough for one couple or small family. It can be rented out or used as a base of operations.

The failing fishing guild ‘Terron’s Catch’ has been given a new lease of life after Mameha bought a 30% stake in the business and installed Jack Toppin (Samms’ father) as the new manager.

Mameha also purchased The Captain’s Cutlass Tavern in its’ entirety since the previous owners the Vencanos fled. The tavern is currently being redecorated ahead of its’ reopening. A new manager and assistant manager have been hired.

The old Pact Hall of Asmodeus was abandoned by Shiyara as she fled the town. Kaheed bought the building and has stripped out the old to create a new space in Piren’s Bluff. A soup kitchen come community centre has been established to spread the word of his dying religion and help the needy. Kaheed has also established a similar centre at Drakeclaw built around the tower bequeathed to him by his friend Guru Darshan Makhan.

Gian and Cog have finally gotten engaged! Cog won’t speak much of the circumstances but crew have been assured it was a romantic and touching affair. Talk about when TItus and Samms will follow along with gossip of which man the Captain will pick- Timothy Smythee or Nobuhara LaCrosse still abound.


Mameha was gifted with a trained bull mastiff from Shenk the dog trainer for rescuing him during the siege of the town. Lady Smythee also bestowed two artefacts; the Farglass and her (other) late husband’s armour the Iron Shirt.

Titus and Kaheed spent the best part of a fortnight touring the islands and towns of the southern Shackles spreading word of the changes to leadership on Windward Isle and the successes of the Magnificent Bastard, increasing the ship’s Infamy to 21 and Disrepute to 19. They also managed to sell off some plunder, earning each of you 7,000gp.

Rumours, News and Quests discovered

In international news, Urnst has become the latest nation to be swallowed up by the growing Kondaran Empire. The King of Urnst bent his knee to Emperor Troiani willingly and installed Asmodeus as the nation’s official deity. Urnst and Kondar have long been allies but the subjugation was too much for Nobuhara, who has renounced his oath to his nation and has joined the crew of the Magnificent Bastard permanently.

Edward has two jobs for the crew of the Bastard if you’re interested;

  • Edward: " Lord Pineau needs some cargo taken to Salamonis, but needs discretion advised as the cargo isn’t 100% ’legal’"

  • Edward: " Lord Galveray’s cigar empire has a new rival who we need taken out of business"

  • This note was found in the Baron Vendikon’s lab after the battle.

  • A trader from Port Blacksand arrives at Piren’s Bluff on day 5 of downtime and puts several of these flyers up in town by decree of the Hurricane King!
  • Comments

    Ok, first the Tidewater rock Guards can totally join, except that I will only take them on the condition that they only receive shares of loot taken after they join, they don’t get a cut of anything we took before the signed on.

    Mythic Tier 1 baby! I’m going to go with Trickster but haven’t decided on my abilities yet…

    My plan for downtime is to hire a small, fast ship. Fill it with all the loot we have that cannot be sold at Tidewater Rock and crew it with myself, Kaheed (hopefully), Samms and maybe half a dozen volunteers. I’ll probably bring the Tidewater Rock guards as well. We sail between all the little towns and villages in this area for about 3 weeks. My thinking is thus:
    These villages and little towns probably don’t get lots of merchants and their leaders, clerics etc might like the chance to buy luxury/magical goods. Even if they don’t have lots of cash they might be able to trade for goods that we can more easily sell in Drakeclaw. Hopefully we can unload a lot of our bulky but not too expensive stuff (Msw weapons, scrolls, potions and so on) in exchange for gold and trade goods then spend the last week in Drakeclaw selling said trade goods and trying to flog any other loot we have left.

    In crunch terms it means that we sell all this loot without loads of tedious book keeping and gives us a much needed chunk of hard cash and I surrender my downtime to do so (which I am happy to do)

    It would also give us the chance to let all the surrounding settlements know who is Lord of Tidewater Rock now. We could also do some easy adventuring stuff on our little tour. Killing wolves, clearing out caves and the like to build some good feeling and a bit of rep. What would take me and Kaheed twenty minutes might be an insurmountable challenge to the local sheriff.

    During that last week in Drakeclaw I want to buy a house for Samms and me, hire a housekeeper to look after it and move Samm’s dad in there as well. I suppose we should get married as well but I might leave that until the first session of the next campaign once the others join us in Drakeclaw with the Bastard.

    I know you very much prefer realism for selling loot but it would be so much easier if we could just say that we manage to find buyers for everything and actually get the cash. I cannot speak for the rest of the players but I know I am sick to death of having no cash : p


    Also, I will quietly encourage the worship of Asmodeous in the town and make sure people know that I am sympathetic to the religion. I’ll make sure I broadcast when I’m leaving on my little jaunt.

    Hopefully Shiyara will get the hint and stow away with me on our hired boat when we leave if she wants to. I’m not sure if I want to do anything with her but I’m happy to give her a safe ride off the island.


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