Shackles symbol

Captain: Barnabas Harrigan
Registered Port:Port Blacksand
Country of Origin: The Shackles (Salamon)
Classification: Sailing Ship
Flag: Skull & Shackles

The Wormwood is a three-masted sailing ship, 100 feet long from stem to stern, and 30 feet wide amidships.

The ship needs a minimum crew of 20.

Crew Manifest: see the Cast page


Wormwood map 1

Wormwood map 2

Key to Maps:
A1. Foredeck: This raised deck stands some 10 feet above the main deck (area A3), immediately behind the bowsprit, which is shaped like a rearing dragon. The foremast rises 30 feet above this deck.

A2. Poop Deck: This raised deck stands 15 feet above the main deck (area A3). The mizzenmast rises 30 feet above this deck. The ship’s bridge protrudes forward of the mizzenmast, and holds the ship’s wheel. The wheel is 3 feet across and has 10 spokes decorated with silver inlays, its bolts carved to resemble kraken heads. An iron cage hangs from the side of the mizzenmast, containing a crumpled dead body. A half-plucked parrot perches on top of the cage and watches the crew. Captain Harrigan and Mr. Plugg spend most of their time on this deck. When the captain is on deck, the poop deck is off-limits to everyone but officers.

A3. Main Deck: The ship’s main deck runs between the foredeck and poop deck. The mainmast rises from the center of the deck, extending 60 feet into the air and topped by a crow’s nest. Rigging connects the mainmast to the ship’s other masts and can be crossed with Acrobatics or Climb checks. Several strands of thick rope are secured to the foot of the mainmast for use as a whipping post. The ship’s clock, a macabre brass-and-copper object depicting worms writhing through whale corpses, hangs from the mast above the whipping post. Not only does the clock keep time, but its bell strikes at dawn and dusk to signal the beginning and the end of the workday.
Two 10-foot-square hatches sit in the deck fore and aft of the mainmast. These hatches are thick wooden grilles and open onto the middle hold (area A6) 15 feet below. At the fore of the ship, two doors lead into the officers’ quarters (area A4), while two doors aft lead to the captain’s quarters (area A5).
A large wooden box bound in iron sits just beneath the bridge. This sweatbox, used to torment sailors, has just enough room to hold one Small or Medium creature.
A small jolly boat sits on the deck next to the port rail. It has two sets of oars but no mast. Although designed to carry six Medium passengers, the jolly boat can fit eight at a push.

A4. Officers’ Quarters:
A5. Captain’s Cabin
A6. Middle Hold
A7. Quartermaster and Cook’s Cabin
A8. Galley
A9. Quartermaster’s Store
A10. Lower Hold and Crew Berths:
A11. Bilges:


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