Far to the south of Salamonis, across the seas lies the continent of Rosaia, making up this large landmass are a number of nations both large and small. Rosaia is widely believed to be the cradle of Human civilisation and the vast majority of people living here are Human. Arguably the most powerful of these nations was Valonia.

Valonia docks

Valonia was once the centre of arcane learning in Orithia. Its gleaming white towers stretched high into the sky, filled with studious apprentices eagerly learning the arcane arts from wizened masters. The economy and military of Valonia was also heavily influenced by magic, flying carpets circling its towers and transporting people about the city. Valonian soldiers were often armed with ensorcelled weaponry and a mage was attached to almost every squad for arcane support.

Valonia however, is no more.

Back in 2532, a great catastrophe occurred. The white towers of the mage’s guild suddenly exploded, sending magically charged debris scattering over the city, killing thousands. Demons were released from the ruins and the entire city was a burning, hellish ruin within hours. With the loss of their capital, the villagers in the Valonian country didn’t stand a chance against the marauding demons and the bandits and looters who took advantage of the chaos.

The catastrophe has been named ‘The Fall of Valonia’ officially by the few Valonians who survived and fled to neighbouring Eáldîm or Alhan. There are many theories as to how the catastrophe happened, as no-one who survives can remember the details of that day and no eye-witnesses have yet been found. The offical line is that the mages got greedy and dug too deeply into the elemental planes in search of ore and other wealth, and this is what released the demons which are bound there. Conspiracy theorists cling to the belief that the events were somehow orchestrated by The Capitavirate, as their armies struck within days of the catastrophe, seizing land from their eternal rival, perfectly expecting the demon tides which they encountered there. Other, darker theories claim that it was the work of some darker power, perhaps Hextor or even Asmodeus. Such opinions are usually suppressed quickly however.


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