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Trueday 18th Sunfane yr 2534

Orithiaonemonth Orithiaonemonth sunfane
Orithiaonemonth sunswane

In the Shackles, Salamon and the surrounding nations, Time and Date is tracked using one of two systems. The first system, the ‘Annurario del Santos’ or ‘Calendar of the Saints’ in Tirianno was brought to the nation by the Capitavirate during the settling of Salamon. The system originates in Kondar and is based around the worship of the various ‘Santos Compagnos’ the Companion Saints which make up the court of Heironeous. Since the departure of the Capitavirate however, the people of Salamonis have developed different names for each day and month which draws on the beliefs of all the various peoples who dwell in the city. Each day is devoted to a different deity of the Great Wheel while months are named after the activities or characteristics of each individual month. The Kondaran system is still used in the city (mainly by official businesses like banks, dockers and others who have to deal with international patrons), but the majority of common folk stick to the newer calendars.

OrderSalamon DayGreat Wheel DeityKondar Day
1Moonday (Boccob) Giorno di Marco
2Trueday (Heironeous) Giorno d’Ana
3Weatherday (Ehlonna) Giorno di Lucius
4Trickday (Olidammara) Giorno da Maria
5Fairday (Yondalla) Giorno di Franco
6Saintsday (Cuthbert) Giorno della Venerares
7Sun Day (Pelor) Giorno di Spada Sacro

OrderSalamon MonthKondar Month
1Thawing Princepta
2Latethawing Secundius
3Seedling Teritus
4Birthing Quartius
5Waters Pentius
6Sun’s Rise Sextilis
7Sunfane Septius
8Sun’s Wane Octius
9Harvest Nonitius
10Saints Decius
11Hearth Heironeous
12Winter’s Heart Sanctus

Each Week consists of 7 days (named above). Each month consists of 4 weeks (therefore 28 days), except Birthing, Sunfane and Harvest which each have 30 days. Each year consists of 12 months (therefore 342 days including the extras from months 4,6 and 8)


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