Strangers in the night

Dear diary,

So we took tidewater rock, which was our aim, so we’re celebrating, and those weddings are going ahead as planned. Taking the fort, however, did not follow much of a plan… sometimes I wonder why we even have planning stages to our attacks, it seems every time we spend a while meticulously deciding what to do everyone just goes ahead and does whatever they want to.

We arrived at the Smythee estate, and spent the night getting ready, and preparing a plan to ignore. We were to pose as members of the Smythee servant household to slip into the town, and then quietly infiltrate it from within, quickly killing the Baron before anyone really knew what had happened. We did at least manage to get through the gates as planned, with our expensive and suspicious gear hidden in the false bottom of a cart, but once inside the plan quickly dissolved.

Since arriving I have found this island nothing but pleasant, it’s like a summer paradise and I am very much enjoying our time here. The town itself was much the same, a quaint little place bustling with activity, all heading towards the taverns. Our friends, who were in charge of the cart, told us it was lunch time, so a few of us followed our noses to the enticing smell of cooking meat nearby. Titus headed off alone, I would later find out he had gone to join the guard in a bid to infiltrate the fort, something which I suppose worked but it seemed rather messy… Kaheed opted to stay behind with the cart, he had been ordered to stay silent by Mameha, for fear his vow of truth would give away our true purpose in the town, so he couldn’t tell us why he didn’t want to join us for lunch, so I went off with chatting with Mameha about getting something delicious to eat…

Once inside, I made friends with a very nice bar man who gave me a free fruit drink, it was delicious, and much better than we get on the ship. I do miss the finer things aboard the ship, though I suppose it is hard to keep to a high quality when catering for such a large amount of people. Anyway he asked where we were from, and when I said the Smythee estate he asked if I would be wanting the usual delivery, unsure what to do I accepted, and was soon asked to pay the bill of 100 gold. Luckily Jasper and Mameha were nearby, as I had no idea if I should pay or not, and was grateful for them stepping in. I am really not used to the service side of things, and I’m pretty sure left alone I would have done something rather foolish without even realising!

I stayed in the tavern for a while, though the others started to wander off to do their own thing. I really had no idea what I could do in the town, and was worried I would give myself away too easily. So I opted to stay put with those lovely drinks, and socialise while I waited until there was some form of plan as to what to do next. While in there a man dressed as a bumble bee walked in, everyone groaned and it made me laugh so I went to try and make friends with him. He was crazy, that much was clear, and I got the sense he lived his life oblivious to how strange he was, and what was truly going on. The conversation wasn’t really going anywhere, and before long I found myself at a loss of what to do, and wandered outside.

We all met up again later on, some decided to go to the midnight mass, something I was certain I would rather miss – no devil worshipping for me thanks! So I went with Mameha, Kaheed and Jasper to the old temple of the town. Inside was an old man who mistook me for a person of his past, so I played along, not wishing to hurt the poor man’s feelings. He was clearly very worse for wear and I imagine he had little time left in him. While there Mameha and I committed a little act of theft, and got a very shiny sword from the wall, I’m not sure why but boy was it pretty. Jasper ran off to join the mass, and Mameha, Kaheed and I went to get ready for a secret meeting Mameha had arranged with one of our allies earlier in the day. We decided it was best if Kaheed, Taisho and I hid so as not to alarm the man with strangers, but when he arrived I saw he was not what he seemed, and Taisho went mental in my arms, so we leapt out and beat him unconscious. It was decided it was best to kill him, which seemed a little unfair since he was unconscious, so there was some delay but eventually we did it.

We returned to the tavern shaken, but tired, and decided it would be safer to share a room – safety in numbers! I’m very glad we did, as before long there were soldiers tearing the place apart, bursting into the rooms. The sound of screams from the other patrons was in the air, and too tired and confused to want to make a stand, we jumped out of the window to try and escape, only to find the fight was outside too, at least it wasn’t so enclosed though. We became part of a chase, I wanted to get away but kept stumbling and I got badly injured, thankfully Mameha is very good at healing, and I used my new ability to summon a large spider to distract our attackers. We eventually managed to kill those who were chasing us, and got the Captain fellow who was apparently quite important. After getting our stuff back from the tavern, we went to the fort to find the others had already made their attack, and killed the Baron. I guess the fight was over…

So now we are recovering, getting ready for some weddings which I am crazy excited for, and choosing our loot from the fight. Just another day in the life of a pirate! I’m looking forward to the weddings, and the parties, I hope I can be part of the ceremonies, and think I might get a little drunk after the ceremonies. I’m considering pushing some heavy hints to my Cog; it would be nice to have a more concrete promise of commitment, even if we didn’t marry right away – who knows, maybe the drinks will loosen my tongue, or heaven forbid(!), maybe even allow my Cog to actually talk about how he feels! It may just be the marriage fever talking though; I always was a big romantic when it came to weddings, and the happiness of the occasion easily affects my mood…

Strangers in the night

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