Piren's Bluff

Piren_s_Bluff_building.jpgPiren’s Bluff is the southern-most town in the Shackles. Sitting on the sunny southern coast of Windward Isle it is the largest population centre on the island. Piren’s Bluff is dominated by the fortress, Tidewater Rock which stands on the clifftop overlooking the town and docks below. A wooden wall and watch towers surrounds the town, a necessary structure to protect the town against the many attacks from jealous pirates who seek to ‘crack’ the rock and take the town and fortress for themselves.

SizePopulationAlignmentGovernmentPlunder PriceAvailable Infamy
Village (10 capita/day)210LNDynasty (Smythees and descendants)300gp (30%)0 (3)
CorruptionCrimeEconomyLawLoreSocietyPort Fees
+ 0- 3+ 0+ 3+ 1- 550gp per ship
Base ValuePurchase LimitSpellcastingQualitiesClimateDanger
550gp2500gp3rdStrategic Location, Rumour-mongering CitizensWarm CoastalLow

Piren s bluff 2
Notable Locations
1 Watchtowers
2 The Dead Well (tavern)
3 Shenk’s Dogyard (dog breeder)
4 Graden’s (supply shop)
5 The First Light (run-down old temple)
6 Terron’s Catch (fishmongers)
7 Forest Bounty (general store)
8 Bucket & Bellows (smith)
9 The Lodge Aquatic (ranger and seafarer’s guild)
10 The Black Candle (Apothecary/Herbalist)
11 The Captain’s Cutlass (tavern)
12 The Pact Hall (temple)
13 Almir Vendikon’s Estate (noble villa)
14 Argith’s Alchemy Lab (alchemist)
Tidewater Rock
15 Docks

Dramatis Personae in Piren’s Bluff

Name Role Race/Class
Captain Edward Van HelgenLord of the RockMale Human Gunslinger
Ambellina SmytheeLady of the RockFemale Human Aristocrat
Agasta SmytheeLady of the Rock’s motherFemale Human Aristocrat
Royster McLeaghHouse Smythee RetainerMale Human Fighter
Timothy SmytheeLady of the Rock’s brotherMale Human Aristrocrat
Almir VendikonBaron Vendikon’s brotherMale Human Aristocrat
Argith MaloneAlchemistMale Human Alchemist/Expert
‘Lucky’ Ben WilhuffInkeep of ‘Dead Well Tavern’Male Human Rogue
BumboBaron Vendikon’s handicapped nephewMale Human Commoner
Jeb GradenShopkeeperMale Human Expert
Laeon TucketGrocerMale Halfling Expert
Rhasper VencanoInkeep of ’Captain’s Cutlass’ TavernMale Human Expert/Rogue
Shiyara Del CarneAsmodeus PriestFemale Tiefling Cleric
Smaar JanderfutBlacksmithMale Human Expert
Tandifor StrootLodge Aquatic GuildmasterMale Elf Ranger
Terron Redgrove Jr.FishmongerMale Human Expert
Tulrin EndessellHeironeous PriestMale Elf Cleric
Tweiford ShenkDog TrainerMale Human Ranger/Expert
Viaren ShellstringerApothecaryFemale Half-elf Alchemist

Specific Magic Items for sale

  • + 2 Studded Leather Armour (with armour spikes) (4,225gp)

  • Helm of the mammoth lord (8,500gp)

  • Wand of calm emotions (25) [3rd] (2,250gp)
  • + 3 Warhammer (18,312gp)

  • Chime of resounding silence (10,000gp)

  • Potion of protection from evil (3)[3rd] (50gp each)

  • Scroll of magic vestment (1)[5th] (375gp)

  • + 1 Nunchaku (2,302gp)

  • Cloak of Fangs (2,800gp)
  • Population Breakdown
    201 Humans
    5 Halflings
    1 Elf
    1 Tiefling
    2 Half-elves

    Uncovered Rumours

    Piren's Bluff

    Orithia- Skull & Shackles Kid_Dangerous