Mgange Cove

Home of the Juju Pirates

Notable Settlements: Ngozu (831)
Dominant Denizens: Humans (primarily of Lesshtan
ethnicity), Lizardfolk
Other Denizens: Boars, giant geckos, rhinoceroses,
dinosaurs, fey, wendo spirits, Charau-Ka
Resources: Fresh water, gems, juju relics, lumber, safe

Mgange Cove is a warm jungle-covered island in the southern reaches of the Shackles archipelago. It is best known for the Juju faith of the majority of its inhabitants.

Mgange Cove Map

Known for their fierce dispositions and courage in the heat of confrontation, sailors native to the Dragonlands Jungles and surrounding lands such as Mgange Cove or the Draconic Coast are a staple of the Shackles, and many pirate captains actively seek Dragonlands sailors for their crews.

While these hard-working mariners are common throughout the archipelago, it is rare for crews
to be composed exclusively of Dragonlands sailors. The port of Ngozu is a notable exception—it is home to a sizable fleet of pirate vessels crewed by sailors of Dragonlands heritage,
nearly all of Lesshtan descent. The most famous ships hailing from that port include the frigate Marjani captained by Pirate Lord Femi Ekua (the ruler of Mgange Cove and member of the Pirate Council and the galleon Kiburo captained by “Big Blue” Baolo.

Notable Locations

Ngozu- small town (831) the capital of Mgange Cove

Ninatokea- village (abandoned)

Abrafo- village (190)

Mbatata- village (85)

Kunywa- hamlet (50)

Hatala Jungle- the massive, dense jungle which spreads across most of the island

Tabembe Mountains- a small range of volcanic mountains at the island’s centre

Ongongte Overlook- ruined tower and holy site of Juju.

Zhukuo Tegeg- The eerie communal cemetery of the residents of Ngozu and surrounding townships

Agra Mtamba- A crumbling vine-choked ruin in the Tabembe mountains

Halele- Abandoned village in the midst of the Tabembe foothills, local folklore says the town was overrun by ghosts and shrieking monsters from the deep green.

Mgange Cove

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