Magnificent Bastard

Captain: Mameha Eikou
Registered Port: none
Country of Origin: Alaris- squibbed in the Shackles
Classification: Sailing Ship
Flag: A Black and Red Flag (Split vertically) with the Shackles Skull Wearing Besmara’s Tricorne in the fore.

The Magnificent Bastard is a three-masted merchant sailing ship, 105 feet long and 30 feet wide. The ship is made of 6 standard hull locations and 4 rigging locations as shown:


# Location Type AC Hardness HP Contents
1 Keel Below water 17 5 180 bilges, 3 manacles (brig)
2 Prow Hull 9 6 150 ram, 2 light ballistae
3 Hold Hull 9 5 150 smuggling compartment
4 Quarters Hull 9 5 150 smuggling compartment
5 Bow Hull 9 4 150 galley
6 Fo’c’sle Hull 9 5 150 light trebucet
7 Sterncastle Hull 9 5 150 2 light ballistae, Captain’s quarters
8 Foresail Rigging 11 1 75 -
9 Mainsail Rigging 11 1 75 -
10 Mizzen Rigging 11 1 75 -
11 Topsail Rigging 11 1 75 Crow’s nest
36 (+13) 8 (-1) As Captain +21 As Captain +30 As Carpenter As Sailing Master or Pilot As Ship’s Wizard or Chaplain
Hold Capacity Manoeuvrability Max. Speed Overland Speed Crew Squads Crew Loyalty
10 Poor (-5) 4 2.5 mph 5 -

Originally, this ship was The Man’s Promise and was captained by Melissa Khan, a popular Alarisian Naval Officer but the ship was attacked by the notorious pirate lord, Captain Harrigan and his band of cut-throats aboard the Wormwood and Captain Khan died defending her ship.

Eventually the ship was sailed by a skeleton crew led by the Wormwood ‘s first mate, Mr. Plugg to Port Blacksand. Along the way, the skeleton crew mutinied and took over the ship themselves. Led by joint Captains Mameha and Edward, the crew of the Man’s Promise began their own careers as pirates in their own right.

Their first action was to visit Rickety’s Squibs and squib the Man’s Promise to evade detection by Harrigan and this the ship has been renamed the Magnificent Bastard.

A minimum crew of 20 is required to sail the Magnificent Bastard.

The full crew compliment can be found here.

2 light ballista (30 bolts) mounted in hidden ports (prow)
2 light ballista mounted on sterncastle
1 light trebuchet (8 stones) mounted on forecastle deck

Upper Deck:
Man s promise 1

Main Deck:
Man s promise 2

Lower Deck:
Man s promise 3

Cargo Hold:
Man s promise 4

Magnificent Bastard

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