Eye of Aaqa

The Eye of Aaqa is a vicious, permanent hurricane located in the Dark Ocean off the western coast of the continent of Darkfell (west of Salamon and north-west of the Shackles). It is utilized to great effect by the pirate lords of the Shackles who hide their illegal activities behind it and use their superior knowledge of the storm to penetrate deeper through it than others can. Some say that Besmara dwells within the hurricane, or at least is connected to it in some way and that the pirates’ abilities are blessings from the Pirate Queen herself.

Eye of aaqa

The intensity of the Eye is variable. At its weakest it can tear the sails off the biggest ships. At its strongest, the wind alone can blow a large vessel into splinters. The Eye periodically spawns smaller storms which travel up and down the Darkfell coast, bringing torrential rain and hurricane-speed winds to outlying regions. It is these storms that have helped to calm the edges of the Burning Desert, creating green land at its’ edges. The Eye prevented the colonisation of Darkfell due to its’ intensity and location. The Capitavirate were finally able to guide a civilian flotilla through it at great expense and loss of life in 2430.

The Eye ’s location guards the Darkfell coast to this day, preventing easy access from all directions but north and south (along the coast itself) allowing Salamon navy forces to concentrate on the north and leave the defence of the south to the Hurricane King of the Shackles. Land defences prevent any surprise advance of ships.

The origins of the Eye remain shrouded in mystery. Most scholars argue that its creation can be dated back to the destruction of Aaqa over 2000 years ago (hence its’ common name) and remains the largest physical reminder of that event.

Eye of Aaqa

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