Draconic Coast

The Draconic Coast is a stretch of warm, tropical coastline linking The Shackles to the Dragonlands.

The Draconic Coast is so named for the large number of Lizardfolk, Dragons and other reptilian creatures who make their lairs/homes here including Boggards, Nagas, snakes, lizards, dinosaurs and thousands of other species great and small.

Map of the Draconic Coast

No nation claims ownership of the Draconic Coast in its’ entirety but certain towns may swear fealty to neighbouring nations. Campaigns by Salamon, Drakeclaw, Lesshta, Karnok and the Shackles frequently try to claim swathes of land as the jungles are rich in resources but rarely are permanent settlements established other than logging camps and outposts. More recently ships from Urnst and Ealdim have been spotted in the area, fuelling rumours that the two nations are beginning to expand their burgeoning southern colonies (Northcliffe and Louranne respectively).

Some of the settlements and places of interest along the Draconic Coast. Where appropriate the controlling nation of each is given in parentheses.

Bloodcove (The Consortium)
Rickety’s Squibs
Chowa (Lesshta)
Oratlan (Lesshta)
Northcliffe (Urnst)
Promise Isle (Urnst)
Louranne (Ealdim)
Mewa (Karnok)

Draconic Coast

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