Bonewrack Isle

Bonewrack Isle is a tiny tropical island off the Draconic Coast.

Settlers from Lesshta and Drakeclaw have attempted to claim the small island over the years, but the indigenous Grindylow population ensured that the island wasn’t worth anyone’s time.

When the Kondaran ship Infernus sunk near the island, a pack of ghouls it was transported escaped and managed to infect the local population of botflies with Ghoul fever. Now the island is swarming with undead botflies and ravaged by nocturnal patrols of ghouls and lacedons.

The Grindylow tribe were all but annihilated when the crew of the Man’s Promise attempted to rescue captives being held by the tribe. Only the tribe’s leader- the Brinebrood Queen escaped.

Bonewrack isle

C1 Where the Man’s Promise was anchored during the rescue.

C2 The ‘Fist’- a mount of rock used to survey the island and as a signal fire.

C3 Abandoned fishing village.

C4 Unexplored Swamp.

C5 Unexplored.

C6 Crab Palm Beach.

C7 Overgrown crop field.

C8 Castaway’s Stockade.

C9 Wreck of the Infernus.

D- Riptide Cove, Grindylow lair

Bonewrack Isle

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