Tri-horn Helm

A heavily built bone helmet carved in the shape of a mighty dinosaur


The Tri-horn helm provides a number of bonuses;

+1 shield bonus to AC
+2 to intimidate checks
-2 to perception checks

Allows a Gore attack (1d6 piercing damage) as a primary natural attack.

The helmet also gives its wearer a sense of power and strength along with a desire to simply lower ones head and charge forward into challengers, this might be a side effect of its dinosaur aspect or a secondary enchantment but it’s true secrets died with its former owner. It’s latest owner lacks the knowledge or inclination to delve further into its history.


The Tri-horn helm is a potent and religiously significant artifact belonging to the witch doctor of a sizable goldscale lizardfolk tribe dwelling along the Draconic Coast…or at least it was until Titus Stern, Captain Edward Van Helgen and the crew of the Magnificent Bastard turned up at his village, killed his warriors, burned his huts, shot him and took it.

Titus took a shine to the impressive helmet and his attachment to it only increased when he realised it had magical properties. He now wears this in battle, his scarlet cloak flowing, in order to allow his subordinates to easily locate and identify him.

Tri-horn Helm

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