The Cursed Doubloon

A standard Draconic Coast Doubloon


This Cursed Doubloon currently resides in the possession of Titus Stern.

What curse it bears is not yet known…


This coin was placed up as an offering to Besmara from the Captain-at-Sea of the Magnificent Bastard. In order to break a suspected curse every crewmember gave up an offering to Besmara placing it in the trebuchet of the ship along with the cursed item to be fired inland.

Unfortunately Titus had other ideas for this coin and in a moment of greed snatched it from the trebuchet before launch. Whether it was cursed before it left Mameha’s pocket is debated but most believe that Besmara put her wrath into the coin as a result of such brazen disrepect on her seas.

(this coin is particularly cursed as when Titus snatched the coin he rolled a natural 20 on his sleight of hand, whilst Kaheed and Mameha who were either side in line rolled natural 1’s on their perception checks to spot the cursed activity)

The Cursed Doubloon

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