The Jade Crown

A delicately carved crown made of a single piece of jade



This exquisite crown of carved jade was discovered amongst the possessions of the Lizardman chief in Oratlan, City of Gold. Little is yet known about its background, other than its obvious non-Lizard origins.


The Jade crown has since been laced with enthralling magicks which weave their spell on anyone in contact with the wearer. As such wearing the crown grants the following competency bonuses:
+5 to Diplomacy
+5 to Intimidate
+5 to Sense Motive
These bonuses only affect a wearer of true neutral alignment.

Mameha often retires at the end of a long day to examine the crowns intricate craftsmanship and well polished beauty, a poignant reminder that she must maintain the balance, refinement and poise in her own life even whilst surrounded by some of the lowest of the low.

She sees the artefact as a gift from the Kami, meant for her and her alone… She has grown unnaturally close to the reminder of a style of life near lost.

The Jade Crown

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