Iron Shirt

Ironically named, this breastplate is made of supple leather and detailed with the goat and compass symbols of Windward Isle


Aura moderate transmutation;
Slot Armour
CL 9th;
Weight 15 lbs.;
Price 24,200 gp

Ironically named, this breastplate is made of supple leather and enchanted with powerful wards.The Iron Shirt counts as + 2 Studded Leather but has a hardness of 10 and 45 hp. The Iron Shirt also grants a number of other bonuses; it allows the wearer to utilize the effects of the spell water walk for up to 9 rounds per day (these need not be consecutive but must be spent in one round increments). If a creature activates this ability while underwater, the wearer is borne toward the surface at a rate of 60 feet per round. Activating or deactivating the armour is a free action and the command words are inscribed along the collar of the armour. When worn by a mythic character it gain the resonating armour special ability (Mythic Adventures pg. 142).


Bertram Smythee was gifted this item by his close friend and ex-Sailing Master to commemorate his cracking of Tidewater Rock and beginning of a long and illustrious career as a Free Captain of the Shackles. The goat and compass symbols became his personal coat of arms and later, that of Windward Isle. They represent the two greatest strengths of the island; its famous cattle export and its strategic location for sailors and pirates.

On the back of the collar are inscribed the words; " My Captain, let this be your iron shirt. P "

Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mythic Crafter, lend power, water walk; Cost 12,100 gp

Iron Shirt

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