Steadfast Grapple

A sturdy silk rope attached to a hefty iron grapple


This iron grappling hook is attached to a 50-foot length of silk rope. When a steadfast grapple is thrown, it automatically hits and attaches to any targeted object or structure within range of its rope.

Against creatures, the wielder must make attack rolls as normal. Once attached, a steadfast grapple can only be removed with a DC 30 Strength check, the command word, or magic such as dispel magic.


A grappling hook found by Gian lying around in the galley of the Wormwood during the first few days aboard. Its full power materialised during the ‘Boarding School’ task when Gian noticed the claws of the hook biting into the wood of the gunwales. Later identification proved that this hook was more than it seemed.

Steadfast Grapple

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