Caro-adhaero (The Flesh Cleaver)

A long, heavy battle axe forged from a single piece of unbreakable adamantine.

weapon (melee)

Caro-adhaero is a finely made adamantine battle axe, it carries an enchantment which improves both it’s balance and cutting edge (+1).

It is about 3 feet in length and, since it is crafted solely from adamantine, weighs about 9Ib.


Caro-adhaero’s current wielder is Titus Stern of the pirate ship Magnificent Bastard. Whilst he generally favours lighter weapons, such as the gladius, he was so impressed by the wonderous properties of adamantine that he now claims the weapon as his own. He has already employed it to great effect against incorporeal foes as well as more mundane tasks such as shearing apart iron chains.

He looks forward to the time when he can use his new weapon against a living, breathing foe and feels sure that time is not too far away…

Caro-adhaero (The Flesh Cleaver)

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