Besmara's Tricorne

A weather-beaten and salt stained three pointed pirates hat imbued with the blessing of the waves from Besmara herself.


When worn thits hat grants the wearer a +2 competence bonus on Profession (Sailor) and Swim Checks.

Once per day, if Besmara is your patron you may speak a command word to transform it into a Cutter, Jolly Boat or a Long Boat. The boat is 20 ft long with 2 sets of oars, a mast with a square sail and can carry up to 12 passengers/crew. On command or after 8 hours the boat returns to boat form.


This hat was gifted to the Captains of the Magnificent Bastard after their successful mutany on the Man’s Promise. Both Edward and Mameha can be seen wearing the hat although the majority of the time it is the latter, as Mameha takes the Wheel in both traverse and war (while Edward oversee’s the entirety of the ship and crew.

Besmara's Tricorne

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