Taiyend d'Tremmellin

Governor of Salamon, former adventurer with 'The Gentlemen of Fortune'


Male Human Bard/Fighter/Swashbuckler
Governor of Salamon


Many stories surround the popular Taiyend d’Tremmellin. Some say he is an exiled nobleman from the Capitavirate homeland of Kondar on the distant continent of Tir. Some say he was born on the streets of Salamonis as an urchin and charmed his way into a noble house or that he is the bastard child of Irenicus Mancini, an unpopular noble who lives alone in his massive mansion. Whichever rumour you believe this much is true:

Taiyend is a handsome human man of Tir descent. Olive skin, long well-kept black hair with flecks of grey at the temples hinting at his age, piercing brown eyes and a charming smile combined with an athletic physique and almost unnatural glibness combine to make Taiyend a hit with the ladies (and the men). His verve and force of personality is hard to deny and when he gives rousing speeches to the crowds outside the palace few people leave without feeling touched by his words. He usually dresses in fine yet practical noble clothing, typically favouring deep red with gold or white detailing. When he wears armour it is always lightweight mithral chain or plate of the highest quality. He goes into battle wearing a golden carved deathmask and wielding a rapier and an array of throwing daggers.

During his time with The Gentlemen of Fortune, Taiyend travelled as far as Tor Acarne, Menephene, Jotsplatt, Port Blacksand,the Dark Ocean and even to Valonia across the seas. He and ‘The Gents’ are famed for being reigning champions at Port Blacksand‘s Arena of Champions and they return once a year to defend their title. They also helped rout General Mithraleye’s Capitavirate forces during the winter of 2530 and even of defeating an extraplanar threat to the city in the form of Inevitables and an aspect of Hextor.

Taiyend is currently the Governor of Salamon and leader of the Salamonis People’s Movement party. He rules justly, listening to the input of the various lobbies and influences in the court but generally making his own mind up of how to manage the city and which policies to administer. This has earned the ire of some of the House of Nobles and opposition parties but the people love him and opinion polls are constantly placing his party as clear favourites amongst all the others.

Taiyend d'Tremmellin

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