'Slippery' Syl Lonegan

A lithe, quick woman wearing dark pirate clothes and covered in tattoos watches the crew as she sharpens her blade.


Female Human Pirate
Role: Swab


‘Slippery’ Syl Lonegan is a nasty piece of work, or thats what is going round the ship anyhow and the dark glint in her eye would seem to agree. No-one has seen her do any dark work but she keeps that blade close and sharp at all times. She’s good-looking enough, except no man is brave enough to try and touch her.

Syl has serious beef with Captain Eikou, the two women were at each other’s throats enough on board the Wormwood and Syl even tried to kill Mameha during the mutiny.

With Plugg dead and Scourge captured, Syl is forced to work under the command of her nemesis, staring daggers at Kepician and snarling as she speaks.

'Slippery' Syl Lonegan

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