'Barefoot' Samms Toppin

A young human girl with shocking red hair and an innocent charm about her


Female Human Pirate
Role: Rigger


Samms Toppin is a former fisherman’s daughter from Drakeclaw. She prances about the deck with no shoes on. Initially she appears innocent, naive and incompetent but closer inspection shows that her knowledge of knots and rope work are second to none aboard the ship and she can climb rigging faster than a Cap walks the plank.

Tito and Samms made friends early on as Plugg instructed Samms to teach the new Rigger the basics. Before long the two were in a relationship of sorts- Tito would bully the girl into lending him money after sleeping together. After a few days, this became too much for Samms and she is now ignoring Tito and spending more time with Mameha who is teaching Samms her traditional dances.

Rosie, Jasper and Mameha (with the help of Samms also) have been working on a performance piece combining Mameha’s traditional Kepician dances with music and illusions.

Her and Tito are back on speaking terms and have resumed their relationship.

'Barefoot' Samms Toppin

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