'Ratline' Rattsberger

An ugly, snarling Halfling with extraordinarily long arms swings through the rigging like a monkey despite three missing fingers


Male Halfling Pirate
Role: Rigger


Every pirate ship in the Shackles worth its’ salt has a Yelnihas Halfling Rigger and the Magnificent Bastard is no different. Called ‘Ratline’ for his ugly appearance and his ability to scramble along lines and rigging like his unfortunate namesake, Rattsberger is a master of the ropes and can reach hard spots that larger crew members cannot.

Ratline was killed during the raid on Oratlan, the Lizardfolk town on the Draconic Coast. A vicious blow from an obsidian-edged maqahuitl gutted the halfling and he bled out before Sandara could reach him on the shore.

'Ratline' Rattsberger

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