Moussa Al-Abbas


Male Human Cavalier (Musketeer)
Rank: Gunner’s Mate
Able Hand


A scoundrel, a rogue, a selfish bastard and a devil with a musket. Just some of the appellations, nicknames and insults which have been attributed to Moussa Al-Abbas over the years. Rising through the ranks of the Alarisian navy through lies, murder, deceit and healthy amounts of sex with female officers, Moussa eventually found his way on board the Man’s Promise as Master-at-Arms.

Moussa quickly decided that he rather liked the ship and wanted it for himself so immediately set about wooing Captain Melissa Khan in the hopes of moving up to First Mate. Captain Khan proved incredibly difficult to influence and Moussa almost despaired and gave up. Then he heard that the ship would be making the crossing to Darkfell and putting in at Senghor and Northcliffe. Moussa’a plan was to wait until the ship was near the Shackles and incite a mutiny, taking the Man’s Promise for himself.

That dream was shattered when the Wormwood under Captain Harrigan boarded and took the ship instead. After being transferred to the Man’s Promise as part of the skeleton crew, Moussa immediately began to ingratiate himself into the good graces of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge, finding their weak, egotistical minds easy to placate. They would be easy to off once the Wormwood was out of sight.

At least that was his plan- the mutiny was started early and by a group he hadn’t ingratiated himself with! Now the ship is led by two Captains- Mameha and Edward and their crew seems loyal. Realising he had backed the wrong group, Moussa has thrown in his lot with the Captains and loyally serves as Gunner’s Mate under Titus. His dream of captaining the Man’s Promise himself is as strong as ever and the challenge of wooing Captain Eikou and eliminating Captain Van Helgen exhilarates Moussa more than he cares to admit. He just has to pick the right time…

Moussa Al-Abbas

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