Lucky Prigg

A skilled halfling with a passion for cooking and a reputation that is literally worth his weight in gold!


Male Halfling
Ship Role: Lucky Halfling


Prigg is slightly dumpy even for a halfling and upon first sight it is apparent that he does not fulfil the usual dexterous and acrobatic roles one would expect a halfling to hold aboard a vessel.

His mid length black hair appears slightly matted, but intentionally so, while his face seems fixed in a curious and bewildered stare as though he has forgotten where he is or how he came to be there, perhaps an attractive scar of his previous lucky escapes. He is extremely approachable but once approached there is often a lack of substance to any further interaction, although he is friendly enough. He always has a had on a small leather bound book on his waist said to contain his best recipes and carries his set of high quality chefs knives on his person at all times.

Prigg was smuggled onto the Magnificent Bastard after the attack on Black Reef and presumed dead by the Arcadia. The halfling has already proved his namesake; some of his new crew mates claiming that without his presence a short changed and short tempered Barucco would surely have taken out his anger on the Magnificent Bastard…

Lucky Prigg

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