Lakunle Rossi

A rangy, unsure youth who clutches a lute and glances about him warily.


Lakunle Rossi is a resident of Mgange Cove, a small island home to several Juju traditions. However, his father was a Kondaran merchant who settled on Mgange after being injured at sea. He lived only a few years after his injury but managed to marry and father a son in that time, Lakunle was only 3 when his father died.

Because of his ancestry Lakunle stands out from most of the native population, his dark hair, pale skin and strong build clearly mark him as Kondaran, however much he wants to fit in.

Following in the traditions of art, music and freedom of the region Lakunle has become a bard of some repute, though he is also skilled in diplomacy and is knowledgeable in both magical tradition and the natural world. However, he has always been something of an outsider…


Lakunle joined the crew after a chance encounter with Titus Stern, who was ashore on entirely unrelated business. Seeing Titus as a fellow Kondaran he approached him to ask for his assistance in winning over a local girl despite her antipathy to Kondar.

Titus saw things a little differently. Outraged that a fellow Kondaran had become enamoured with a heathen culture he argued that Lakunle should embrace his father’s people rather than break with them. He put forward that Lakunle did not understand what it is to be Kondaran due to his lack of experience with other cultures and having been left fatherless among these savages this was not surprising.

Rather than help Lakunle win the maiden’s heart he instead offered him a place on the Magnificent Bastard, to teach him about Kondar’s glorious history and to show him different (and, frankly, better) cultures. In exchange Lakunle would take Titus, and the Bastards, to a treasure trove he knew and to teach Titus the language of Infernal which is now in common use by the Capitavirate.

Swayed by Titus’ words Lakunle agreed, though some of the crew worry that Titus might not be a good role-model for the impressionable youth…

Lakunle Rossi

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