Lady Mokislav

A middle aged borderlands woman cloaked in purple velvet. She makes a living reading tarot cards and gazing into her crystal ball.


This ageing woman remains shrouded in mystery since arrivng aboard the Magnificent Bastard. She never removes her purple hood and watches everyone and everything for signs and divinations from her small circular table on deck. Her scruffy white hair runs down to her chest tied with odds and ends; unusual fabrics and trinkets pinned in place add yet more intrigue to her appearance. Her hands seem aged beyond their years or perhaps it is that her face seems younger, her polished nails always immaculate as she shuffles and turns the cards in her hands.


Lady Mokislav read the future of the Magnificent Bastard’s officers while they were on shore leave in Drakeclaw. Titus offered her a place on the crew in the hopes that she would be able to shed more convincing light on the talk on “curses” that kept cropping up aborad.

She hastily agreed without condition, some say she foresaw the events about to unfold in town and only surived the Sahaguin attack through the deal. Others say she has a far more sinister purpose or perhaps saw something even greater on the horizons for the crew of the Bastard and is playing the long game for a larger pay out…

Lady Mokislav

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