Kitesh Jafari


Male Suli Summoner
Rank: Sailing Mate
Able Hand


The sailing mate under Captain Khan on the Man’s Promise before the ship was captured by bloodthirsty pirates, Kitesh survived the boarding action despite being run through by Titus.

Kitesh was briefly a swab on the same ship after being selected by Mr. Plugg to join the skeleton crew but was given back his old position after the mutiny. Despite having his old job back, the role feels very different because now his beloved Man’s Promise is a pirate vessel and he takes his orders from two pirate captains and an inexperienced Liel Sailing Master!

In battle, Kitesh summons his eidolon, Shafir- a flaming aspect of the efreet who populate his homeland of Alaris and whose power floods his Suli veins.

Kitesh Jafari

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