This sly young man's eyes dart about the place picking out every detail. He smiles at you in the same manner a crocodile might smile at an approaching gazelle


Male Human Rogue/Gunslinger
Rank: Master Gunner’s Mate
Able Hand


Kipper is the Gunner’s Mate aboard the Wormwood which means he is apprenticed to Master Gunner Riaris Krine. Despite this he spends a lot of time with Patch Patchsalt and Master Scourge. He takes quickly to his duties as a Gunner’s Mate, allowing plenty of time for procrastination. He openly carries a brace of duelling pistols when on deck, daring people to call him on it with his eyes.

During the attack and boarding of the Man’s Promise, Kipper was horrifically burned by an explosion of alchemist’s fire. This has left his face scarred and his confidence knocked.


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