Kerdak Bonefist


Kerdak Bonefist, The Hurricane King is the leader of the Free Captains and accordingly effectively the ‘mayor’ of the Shackles. He maintains this position only so long as he retains the confidence of the Pirate Council and the alliance with Salamon.

He rules Port Blacksand, largest of the ports of the Shackles, and commands the man-o’-war Filthy Lucre, flagship of the pirate fleet. He owns a magical pistol, which he claims to have used to kill over a hundred people. aptain Bonefist is very fond of blackpowder firearms and has outfitted the Filthy Lucre with the latest model of culverin from the gunforges of Salamonis (part of the deal involving the alliance between the Shackles and Salamon).

His fortress home in Port Blacksand is known as Lucrehold. The Lucrehold is an island off the coast of Port Blacksand. The imposing structure, known as Fort Hazard, stands on the bluffs above the city, overlooking the lighthouse known as Besmara’s Beacon. It is said to contain numerous chambers filled with the Hurricane King’s ill-gotten gains.

Kerdak gained the moniker ‘Bonefist’ after the defeat of the lich Raugsmauda where dark magic unleashed by his enemy stripped the very flesh from his arm. Kerdak destroyed the lich but lives with the permanent scar. Some say that the skeletal arm is but a sign of the great curse Raugsmauda put upon the Captain; since that day some 20 years ago his fortunes have declined and he sails the seas less and less. Kerdak prefers to spend most of his time brooding in his tower, handing over the running of the city to the joint control of Sabas Odabio, Pheiras Jakar and Tsojmin Kreidoros. The rumour goes that Kerdak lost his stomach for fighting after his first mate and close friend Aeron Blood in the battle with Raugsmauda.

Kerdak Bonefist has been the Hurricane King for 30 years after defeating the previous King, Cyrus Wolfe in a dramatic duel in the council chamber of Lucrehold.

Kerdak Bonefist

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