Keiko Mae

A young woman of clear Alarisian descent whose eyes glow like embers. Her long black hair cascades down her back mirroring the flowing Sari she adorns. Filigree gold jangles delicately at her wrists and ankles as she moves majestically.


Keiko is Mameha’s younger sister. She has shared everything with her older sister and remembers little of life before their meeting.


Keiko still resides at the Reliquary of Transcendant Knowledge continuing her education in the arts, culture and history. She is a master at the Shamisen and Flute, having studied them from an early age. She awaits the day she will be able to follow her older sister and waits in anticipation, still having received no news from Mameha in almost a year.

She knows little of her lineage but is aware that she is gifted in arcane magic, as her biological mother was before her. She prefers to wear silk saris in autumnal colours which remind her of her mother’s garb and what little of her own cultural identity she is aware of. Her role within the Reliquary is mostly music and composing at which she excels. She has some dance talent and has a unique client base within the Palace and Shangri-La being regarded as a rare and exoctic find.

Keiko Mae

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