Jediah Davey

A particularly hansome young man whose well kept appearance and stylish facial hair has attracted the attention of the female crew, most however are kept at bay by his watchful sister.


Jediah is a particularly quiet and young pirate, he spends most of his down time quietly gambling, drinking alone of having hushed arguments with his sister.

He carries no weapons on his person and is somewhat of a pacifist skirting all arguments and avoiding the constant frays aboard ship. He appears caring and will help any creature large or small he may come across. He has often been seen talking to animals below the waves and even the Captain’s Parrot. He is often caught shirking his swab duties but is more often than not forgiven as he is one of the few polite and apologetic people aboard.

He and his sister appear to be on the run from a dark secret in their family’s past.

Jediah Davey

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