Jack 'Scrimshaw'

A young lad tries to fit in with the pirates by dressing like them and wearing fearsome face paint


Male Young Human Pirate
Rank: Cabin Boy
Able Hand


Jack doesn’t speak about his past, he’s too terrified of appearing weak in front of the other Pirates. His talent with scrimshaw is astounding, earning him the name. Many crew pay him a few copper to engrave their weapons and equipment with symbols of Besmara, the Skull and Shackles or other fearsome nautical icons.

No more than 14 years old, Jack wears face paint in the Salamon ‘Gothic’ style and dresses in pirate clothing to appear tough.

Jack lost his right arm to filth fever after being bitten by rats in the bilges. The Stitchman had to amputate to stop the spread of infection and although his life was saved, Jack finds life without his beloved carvings very difficult to take.

Jack was one of the few crew of the Wormwood not transferred to the Man’s Promise. He now replaces Caulky as Captain Harrigan’s Cabin Boy.

Jack 'Scrimshaw'

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