Isabella 'Inkskin' Locke

An inhuman murderer and pirate, Isabella Locke is the foul captain of the Thresher, a ship known for its crew’s rapacious cruelty and soulless disregard for life. Captives of Captain Locke are fed alive to the sharks more often than not.

Female Human Tattooed Sorcerer

Rank: Captive
Able Hand


Isabella “Inkskin” Locke wears little in the way of clothing, the better to show off her many tattoos, including a large stylized sea snake tattoo on her left hip and abdomen. More crudely rendered tattoos crowd the rest of her flesh, principally sharks and other creatures with gaping maws filled with jagged teeth. Most interesting, however, is the large tattoo of a map inscribed between her shoulder blades. Isabella wears a large set of wooden false teeth that have been sharpened into points like the maw of a shark.

Isabella 'Inkskin' Locke

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