Isabella Davey

A fearsome looking girl with boundless energy. She appears stern but is a dedicated pirate and follows commands on ship to the letter.


Isabella looks much like her brother with delicate and eye catching features but this is as far as the similarities goes. In contrast to Jediah’s calm and somewhat vacant expression, Isabella’s face tells a story of determination of hard work and concern.

Isabella is an unusually pretty sailor and looks as though she was from a better off background. She is immaculately presented and takes pride in her role aboard the ship.


She is less proud of her brother Jediah and is frequently seen harassing and arguing with the awkward soul. She is a skilled buccaneer but seems to find more joy in the performance rather than the fight itself.

She keeps a pistol on her belt that she regularly checks and cleans. It contains a single bullet, no-one knows who the intended recipient is but it is almost certainly linked with the reason she was stranded in drakeclaw and eager to be back on the waves.

Isabella Davey

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