Barnabas Harrigan

A broad, muscular Alarisian man with a shaven head, a long beard bound with gold rings, and an eye patch. Harrigan wears an air of power and authority like a cloak.


Male Human Fighter/Rogue
Role: Captain
Able Hand


Free Captain of the Shackles and Captain of the Wormwood.

Harrigan’s background is shrouded in mystery. It seems that people cannot remember a time when Harrigan wasn’t a bloodthirsty pirate tearing up the shipping lanes. It is believed that he was once a press-ganged swab himself and rose his way to Captain of the Wormwood by process of elimination. That is the elimination of those above him.

His dark skin and deep voice mark him as clearly of Dragonlands descent, and the savage influence of that primal land is clear in the way the big Captain is prone to tearing foes apart during battle.

Crossing Harrigan isn’t advised- although he isn’t a true Pirate Lord, he has much influence on the Pirate Council and a large fleet of allies and underlings at his command.

Current activity is unknown, but it is likely Harrigan is sailing south to engage in his favourite past time: raiding Kondaran shipping lanes.

Barnabas Harrigan

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