Harrien Dimic

A mountain of muscle and sinew, Harrien pays close attention to the comings and goings on the other crew with a look of vague disappointment across his scarred face.


Despite being one of the four marines press-ganged from the Kurstav, Harrien has ingratiated himself well enough amongst the crew. His calm and professional demeanour impressing several of the more serious minded officers and his utter devotion to the ways of Besmara earning him the respect of many others. Satisfied to once again be among pirates after being strong armed into the Bloodcove Consortium’s service, he is nonetheless bothered by the crews mostly lackadaisical approach to appeasing the wrath of the Bitch Queen. He wrestles daily with his worries but so far has yet to air them to anyone else.

While a competent enough sailor, Harrien’s real talent lies with catapults and other pieces of ship to ship weaponry. Said to have once taken the lookout right out of an enemy ship’s crow’s nest, he simply attributes his skills to his goddess’ favourable winds.

Harrien Dimic

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