Giffer Tibbs

Female Gnome with the look of a wild witch about her. Despite her haggard hair and body piercings, she has a warm face and an infectious laugh


Female Gnome Pirate
Role: Swab


Giffer Tibbs is a Gnome from an uncharted island in the Dark Ocean. She was raised in a tribe which worshipped nature spirits and performed witchcraft to appease them. Her early habits have carried forward into her adult life. She maintains the wild dreadlocks, piercings and crude tattoos of her people which give her a hag-like appearance. Underneath her hair however, her one good eye sparkles with Gnomish mischief and her laugh has an almost mystical quality to it. She wears pilfered noble lady’s clothing and gaudy jewellery.

Giffer went missing on the stormy night before the mutiny on the Man’s Promise but has since been returned safely from the Grindylows on Bonewrack Isle along with Sandara Quinn as the result of a successful rescue attempt by the officers of the Man’s Promise.

Giffer Tibbs

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