Felix Hession

A gaunt, underfed human male. Felix reeks of old booze sweat and filth.


Felix wears the tattered remains of an Ealish soldier, though it is hard to tell under the layers of encrusted grime.

He is obviously a man enduring tough times and is thin from lack of proper nourishment, his hair is short but unwashed and he has a beard which is simply the result of having not shaved for a number of days.

That said, there is a look in his eye that says he knows more than his current situation would let on and, despite his ragtag appearance he could be quite a handsome man once he’d had a wash…or three.


Very little is known about Felix Hession, he has been stuck in Drakeclaw since his previous ship refused to re-hire him following a drunken brawl but other than that no-one seems to know where he hails from or why he left Ealdim.

Felix Hession

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