Durrell Hawthorn

An alarisian brute of a man with boundless charisma, a beaming smile glints beneath his wiry beard.


Durrell signed onto the Magnificent Bastard in Drakeclaw and has enjoyed the company ever since. He is quick to protect what he has come to call his family. Whilst he is joyous and amicable with all those aboard those who look to injure his own or resort to unnecessary violence are quickly put down when Durrell flies into a beast like rage. He is a formidable fighter but only as a final resort.


Durrell is tall and hairy and has yet to be seen with a shirt, he wears thick thorn bracers and oversized leather belts with a huge seven-branched sword hanging by his side. He has worked on ship after ship without obvious reason, the openness of the sea appeals to him and he has enjoyed the company or pirates and sailors for as long as he can remember.

Durrell’s tough exterior melts away when his smooth baritone washes over listeners. He is a true gentleman at heart but will fight fiercely for any cause. He is an obvious cheat at cards and is frequently thrown from game to game after hours, his booming laugh and poor excuses the only warning before he wreaks havoc on the neighbouring game.

Durrell Hawthorn

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